Can’t Believe the Worm Castings Difference!

/Can’t Believe the Worm Castings Difference!

Worm Castings Success Story

A customer, Maegan, recently contacted us to share her experience using worm castings. She and her in-laws bought their plants the same day, at the same location, and planted them at the same time. Her in-laws are experienced gardeners; it was her first time to plant a garden. A week later, her father-in-law noticed that her plants were twice the size of his plants. He asked her what she had done. As they compared their plantings, it became apparent the only difference was that she used worm castings, but he had not. He was not familiar with worm castings, but needless to say, he immediately contacted us. Maegan sent us pictures as well:

“Here’s the plants at 3 weeks after planting. “The beans were from seeds and the tomatoes and peppers were from tiny plants. All we did was put a little garden soil and worm casting in the bottom of the plant hole and then a little worm casting around the top of the soil near the plant.”


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