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STEM Day at Whitlow Elementary

2017-03-10T15:09:09+00:00October 12th, 2015|All Natural Worm Castings, School Outreach|

STEM Day at Whitlow Ok, so Friday was a fun day. Brenda Mahoney invited us to share our passion for worms, gardening, and nature with the fourth grade classes at Whitlow Elementary School in Cumming, part of Forsyth County Schools. Each grade level at Whitlow Elementary is participating in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) project ( The fourth grade classes' project is "Composting Craze"—composting all organic waste from their lunches. Traveling with [...]

Garden Storm

2017-03-11T15:49:53+00:00July 16th, 2015|Health and Wellness|

Hit by a Georgia Storm So last night we had bad storms. Really bad storms. Lightning struck all around and thunder rolled at decibels that reverberated through my core. I went out this morning to check on the garden. I expected some damage, and I was not let down. Tomato plants in cages were blown over, some corn stalks were now parallel to the ground, and quite a few bush beans had stems [...]

Getting Started in the Business of Worm Poop

2017-03-11T15:50:33+00:00July 7th, 2015|All Natural Worm Castings|

My husband, Scott, and myself. COUNTRY LIVING Becoming purveyors of worm poop was never one of the answers either my husband or I gave to the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question. He became a union ironworker and I became a high school English teacher. Again, nothing about either of those career choices gave any indication of vermiculture (the fancy word for earthworm farming) in our future. [...]