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Worm Castings 15lb-bag


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Size: This is a medium-sized bag, containing a minimum of 15 lbs of castings. We package all of our own castings, and the weight is that of the castings NOT including the bag. Precise weights may vary due to moisture content of the castings, but we do our best to ensure that the “varying” is beyond the 15 lbs, not under.

Color: The color of worm castings depends on the color of the dirt they eat. We feed our worms a custom blend of soil from the Savannah, GA coast, and we blended it especially for the satisfaction of the worms and our clients. It keeps thee worms moist, full, and happy. It is likewise very nutritious to ensure the quality of the castings. The color of our dirt ranges from black to medium gray, so the castings our worms produce range from medium gray to black. Castings are also much darker when damp, but no matter the color of your castings, your plants will love them!

Quality: What goes in is what will come out. Not all worm castings are created equal, but the quality of the castings depends on the quality of the diet. We feed our worms a consistent, high-quality diet to ensure that you will be using consistently high-quality castings.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 18 x 6 in


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