Organic Gardening Benefits and Recipes

/Organic Gardening Benefits and Recipes

Gardening is Good for You:
Benefits and Recipes

Veggies and eggs fresh from the farm!

Veggies and eggs fresh from the farm!

Gardening has many benefits. The two I appreciate most are the fresh produce I use to craft delicious recipes and the exercise I do to burn calories. According to WebMD, weeding and planting burns 250-350 calories an hour, and hoeing and raking burns 350-450 calories an hour, depending on the vigor with which you approach the task. Therefore, if you spend a couple of hours in the garden, you will burn at least 500 calories. Then, when you factor in the fact that the fresh produce you take out of the garden and cook is generally low in calorie content and high in nutritional value, you have a perfect combination for losing excess pounds and maintaining a healthy weight.

Healthy Eating from the Garden

When the harvest starts coming in, especially when using an all natural fertilizer like All Natural Worm Castings, which works with your soil, the abundance of produce can be almost too much to eat! Here are some low-calorie suggestions for using that produce. These are general guidelines for using the produce that is overwhelming you in the middle of the summer. If you want the detailed, specific, tested, DELICIOUS recipes with nutritional breakdown, email me and I will gladly pass them along.


~Louise Cooper

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