Garden Storm

/Garden Storm
Bad storm

Hit by a Georgia Storm

So last night we had bad storms. Really bad storms. Lightning struck all around and thunder rolled at decibels that reverberated through my core. I went out this morning to check on the garden. I expected some damage, and I was not let down. Tomato plants in cages were blown over, some corn stalks were now parallel to the ground, and quite a few bush beans had stems broken off. Okra is sturdier and seemed to have survived intact. I surveyed the damage and lamented the destruction Mother Nature had perpetrated on my garden. All my hard work, and now this! Life can be so unfair.

Picking up the Pieces and Perspective

I uprighted the tomatoes and corn, then I set about to pick the vegetables that had ripened over the last couple of days. Soon, I had a bucket filled with beans and okra, another filled with tomatoes, and a bag of corn ears. I went inside to process the harvest. Soon I would be adding to my store of food in the pantry and freezer. The house was all quiet, so I turned on NPR to catch the news. Four people dead, five more missing, from the storms. Suddenly things took on a different perspective: What were vegetables compared to people? What is a garden compared to homes? What are my needs compared to those of others? I picked up the phone to call family and friends to see who needed some fresh vegetables.

~Louise Cooper

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