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West Georgia’s All Natural Worm Castings
Who Are we?

All Natural Worm Castings is a family-owned and operated business located in Temple, Georgia. That’s a tiny town in West Georgia. We have deep roots in the Carroll County area; Louise was born in Tanner Hospital in Carrollton when it was a brick building with four columns. Although he was born at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, Scott is technically a transplant from Mississippi but now claims more than 30 happy years in Georgia. Their daughter Shannon is a Georgia Peach. She and her husband Clint, a transplant from West Virginia with over 15 years in Georgia, are graduates of Temple High School and currently reside within a stone‚Äôs throw of her parents.

Our family works as a team to care for thousands of happy worms to produce the finest quality castings, worm tea, and fishing bait. How can we make that claim? To be of the finest quality, worm castings should come from words that are fed a consistent diet rich in nutrients. Our worms are closely monitored. We monitor their environment completely, checking the temperature, moisture, and pH. We feed them a measured and consistent diet. Thus, we can say with confidence that all of our West Georgia all natural worm castings have the same great quality on a consistent basis.

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