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Welcome to All Natural Worm Castings

Your West Georgia provider of all natural worms, worm castings, and true worm tea

Just in time for spring planting!

Wallace Farm Supply in Bremen, GA now has fresh stock of our All Natural Worm Castings.

Come by and purchase some to give your garden a great start to the year.

  • We are dedicated to providing rich and nutritious all natural worm castings that your plants will love.
  • Our worms are fed a controlled, consistent diet. We do not feed our worms whatever happens to come out of the kitchen that day or grass clippings from the yard. By feeding them only the best and most nutritious material consistently, they always produce the best castings possible!
  • Our worms are happy worms! They are in a controlled environment. We monitor the temperature, humidity, and pH of the water and soil. Their lighting is controlled, and they always get fresh air.
  • We monitor our worms and their breeding so we know exactly how many worms we have and how many babies they are making. Changes in breeding alert us to anything that might be bothering the worms so we can adjust accordingly.
  • The worm tea we produce is made from castings that are heated and aerated, never from compost runoff or simply soaking castings in water.
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guaranteed analysis

Our All Natural Worm Castings organic fertilizer has this guaranteed analysis, including Nitrogen, Calcium, and Iron that plants need.

Louise's African violet
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Guaranteed analysis of worm castings content

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